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1. General provisions
1.1. Terms used: Terms and Conditions of Use ( further `the Rules`), the online game of Fallentitans.com (further `The Game`), the user ( further `The Player`).
1.2. The Rules define The Player's use of The Game.
1.3. The Game only provides services for the Game Player. The Game can be used in the form of free online game and services or an online game and services for which certain virtual items are purchased for a fee.
1.4. The Game may be suspended without the prior notice of The Player due to unforeseen technical interruptions or preventive actions. In other cases The Player will be informed in the manner provided by The Game.
1.5. The Game is for entertainment purposes only. The Player is forbidden to use The Game to make a profit.
1.6. The Player is responsible for the software`s newness and suitability for using The Game.
1.7. If The Player wants to use The Game he/she must register.
1.8. The Player can only make one personal registration. Registration of third parties (relatives, friends, acquaintances) is prohibited.
1.9. During registration The Player must provide valid e-mail. The Player who submitted the false e-mail and forgot his/her password will lose the opportunity to use The Game.
1.10. The Player is not forced to register into The Game.
1.11. The Rules may be changed, amended or updated without informing The Player. Failure to comply with the Rules does not release The Player from duty to follow the Rules.
2. The Player`s responsibilities
2.1. The Player undertakes to keep safe his/her login data: password, login name. The Player must enter these login data only in The Game environment.
2.2. If The Player thinks that unauthorized persons have logged into his/her account, The player must change his/her login data or immediatly inform The Game.
2.3. The Player is responsible for all actions perfomed on his/her account.
2.4. The Player must not use other Player`s login data.
2.5. The Player must refrain from any actions that might disrupt the operation of The Game.
2.6. The Player discovered glitch/error in The Game mus inform The Game. Failing to do so and explointing glitch/error Ther Player may be penalized by the course provided for in section 5 of these Rules.
2.7. The Player must inform The Game about inappropriate content.
3. The Game responsibilities
3.1. The Game is not liable for incurred Player losses because of third parties fault.
3.2. The Game will try to provide the best service for The Game flow. However The Game takes no responsibility for faults and losses The Player may face.
3.3. The Game takes no responsibility for The Player`s published content. However The Player agrees to give permanent, irrevocable and non-exclusive rights to use their account content and achievements made in The Game.
3.4. The Game has right to modify/remove content published by The Player.
3.5. The Game does not guarantee that The Game will be available at all times or in all areas.
3.6. The Game does not have to inform The Player about restrictions applied because of this Rules section 5.
3.7. The Game undertakes not to disclose The Player's personal data to third parties.
3.8. The Game undertakes to provide information to Players regarding the interpretation of the Rules.
4. Prohibited actions
4.1. Own more than one The Game account.
4.2. Execute activities between Gamers using The Game from the same IP address. It is also prohibited to conduct joint actions directed at another Player.
4.3. Use software (bots, scripts and others) to imitate The Game processes.
4.4. Use software to hide the IP address.
4.5. Use software or program code that is damaging The Game process.
4.6. Buy or sell property aquired in The Game for real money fee.
4.7. Publish insulting content targeted to other Players or The game.
4.8. Insult other Players.
4.9. Use The Game exploits.
4.10 Prohibited actions also include all prohibited acts similar to those mentioned above.
5. Consequences of breaking duties and doing prohibited actions
5.1. Limitation of loging into The Game: (i)for specific Player (ii)for Players using same IP address.
5.2. Limitation of The Game functions for a certain time.
5.3. Deleting The Player account.
5.4. Reduction/cancellation of obtained in The Game.
5.5. The Player warning.
6. Copyright and Trademark Information
6.1. All information contained in The Game and published in The Game including: texts, design, graphics and interface are protected.
6.2. Trademarks used in The Game, which are not part of The Game, are protected by their respective owners.
7. Privacy Policy
7.1. The Game uses cookies. Saved information in cookies helps personalize and improve The Game usage experience. The Game cookies are small text files stored on The Player device and cookies are reachable only by The Game.
7.2. The Game stores in databse The Player e-mail and IP address. E-mail is required to recover forgotten login data. IP address is stored to make sure The Player`s honesty while using The Game.
7.3. The Player can delete account at any time and personal information(e-mail and IP addresses) stored in database will be deleted.
7.4. The Game also uses third-party (`Google`) cookies. The Game uses the results obtained by these cookies anonymously and exclusively for statistical purposes only. More information about Google cookies is available here.
7.5. (Applicable for Facebook login users) The Player's who logs in using Facebook Login Facebook ID will be stored in database. In addition to 7.3. if The Player decides to delete account from The Game Facebook ID will be removed from database.
8. Final Provisions
8.1. The Player by clicking Register button agrees with these Rules and Privacy policy and ensures to follow them.
8.2. The Player must pay attention to the changes in the Rules.
8.3. The ignorance of the Rules does not dismiss of compliance of rules.
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